How to attend

Regarding the organization, I suggest the following rules:

1. Participants can attend the whole seminar or a part of it. It is fine if you come even for an afternoon.

2. The event is by invitation only. If you think someone else should be invited, please let me know.

3. Participation. There is no fee and no formal registration, but I expect anybody who intends to come to send me an email by the 31st of August 2016, indicating:

4. The idea is to have regular sessions at PJITA in the morning and afternoon, followed by sightseeing+beer sessions in the evening. There are some nice places where we can go. You know me, so you won't expect the places to be posh, but the beer should be good quality.

5. I envisage 3 types of sessions: micro-talks (5 mins. each, presenting a glimpse of a particular problem or technique), regular talks (30 mins), and discussion sessions. There might be some longer invited talks, but I'm not planning them at this stage. I strongly suggest that each participant gives at least a micro-talk. If you would like to give a regular talk, please let me know and indicate the subject.

Depending on who intends to participate, I will prepare a more specific plan. For example, we can focus on specific scientific problems, draft a grant proposal, write jointly a fun paper to be submitted somewhere etc.

6. After the seminar. Some people already indicated that they might stay for the following weekend, or even a few days after. In that case, I can extend the seminar according to the popular demand. We can do more scientific sessions, more beer sessions, or an excursion. Or all of the above.

7. If you need any assistance, email me anytime. I'll do my best to help.

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