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If you want a more up-to-date picture, click here Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to my homepage. I am a researcher working on the borderline of computer science, artificial intelligence, and mathematiccal logic. Like most scientists nowadays, I live a nomad's life. I did my Master's in Poland, PhD in the Netherlands, and habilitation in Germany. Now, after a few years in Luxembourg, I have come back to Poland to become an associate professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences. I am also a visiting professor at the Polish-Japanese IT Institute and a Privatdozent at the Clausthal University of Technology. If you want to contact me, I suggest using my good old e-mail address in Clausthal. I like receiving e-mails very much, although answering them promptly is more difficult for me. Anyway, I'm rather slow, so please forgive me eventual delay in my response.

wjamroga --aat-- in.tu-clausthal.de

Best paper award in e-voting: Together with Masoud Tabatabaei, we have received the Best Paper Award at the International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting E-VOTE-ID 2016 for the paper Preventing Coercion in E-Voting: Be Open and Commit.

VoteVerif has begun: I have got a PolLux grant, and for the next 3 years will be working on Verification of Voter-Verifiable Voting Protocols with Peter Y.A. Ryan from University of Luxembourg. I'm still at the Polish Academy of Sciences, however surprising this may seem. ;-)

New book: Logical Methods for Specification and Verification of Multi-Agent Systems. Freely available from the ICS PAS publishing house website, and even more colorfully here.

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